POSITAL Draw Wire Enclosure Die Cast Housing

The Die Cast Housed Draw Wire Sensor is best suited for long stroke applications in demanding environments. Its die cast housing and its 0.86 mm [0.34 in] diameter nylon coated stainless steel wire makes it an excellent choice for outdoor applications like offshore cranes, spreaders, irrigation, water gate positioning and mining.

In combination with precise optical or magnetic absolute rotary encoders, very high linear resolutions can be achieved. Unlike potentiometer based draw wires, POSITAL’s rotary encoders do not loose accuracy over time irrespective of whether specified with an analog or digital interface.


Features Include:

  • Measuring Length 5 / 10 m [200 / 400 in]
  • Suitable for rugged outdoor usage
  • Multiple interface options
  • Robust 4 foot mounting
  • Draw Wire Model:

    • Draw-Wire-PT9600-0200-111-S02 (5 m)
    • Draw-Wire-PT9600-0400-111-S02 (10 m)

    Footprint without rotary encoder: 200 x 135 mm [7.87 x 5.3 in]

Datasheets for Draw Wire Encoder with Die Cast Housing are available from our Product Finder