The TILTIX Series of Inclinometers

  • High Accuracy of up to 0.01° and Resolution of 0.001°
  • Measurement Range ±80° (Single and Dual Axis)
  • Measurement Range ±360° (Single Axis)
  • Select from 4-20mA, Voltage, CANopen, DeviceNet, RS232 or SSI Interfaces
ADS Low Cost Inclinometer Tiltix ACE - ATEX & IECEx Intrinsically Safe Inclinometer
ADS and ACS Inclinometer Series
Low cost, single / dual axis, 0.50° or
0.10° Accuracy
ADS and ACS Inclinometer Series
Heavy Duty, aluminium housing, single / dual axis
protection to IP69K
ACE Inclinometer Series
Heavy Duty, ATEX and IECEx certified,

Zone 1&2  for use in hazardous industrial areas
ACM Inclinometer Series
ATEX & IECEx (Mining 1)

Intrinsically Safe Inclinometer
Ideal for heavy duty mining applications
AGS Inclinometer Series
Fluid filled, aluminium housing,

High Accuracy: 0.01°
Outputs: current, voltage, PWM
AKS Inclinometer Series
Gyro Compensated to offset external
vibration, shock and acceleration


Posital Inclinometers Accurate measurement of the degree of tilt or inclination from a horizontal position is very important for many motion control systems or to ensure safety. Inclination sensors offer an easy and efficient way of monitoring spatial orientation without the need for mechanical linkages – a real advantage for design engineers.