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leading manufacturer and supplier of encoders, motors, PLC / HMI and control

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Emolice manufactures and distributes motors, control and automation to a range of industries. Founded by engineers, we’re passionate about the challenge of solving problems.

We understand that implementing measurement and control systems in each and every application requires practical and technical considerations.
Our experience and product range means we can work with our customers to meet those challenges. We also understand the importance of being able to source complete position and motion solutions from a single supplier.



Emolice works with carefully selected partners across the globe, including POSITAL (for rotary encoders, inclinometers and draw wire encoders) and Elgo (for linear magnetic contactless measurement). We’re also partnered with Unitronics (for HMI and PLC), MTS Temposonics® (for magnetostrictive linear measurement) as well as Servotronix (for motors, drives and motion control).