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Unitronics Jazz®

The Unitronics Jazz® series offer simple PLC control via a text-only HMI + keypad for basic, self-contained automation projects. Offering onboard I/O,
these Programmable Logic Controllers have built-in text-display HMIs and come supplied with complimentary ladder programming software and extensive online and 24/7 technical support all at an affordable price.

To buy Unitronics PLC & HMI online, including Unitronics Jazz® models: JZ20-R10, JZ20-J-R10, JZ20-R16, JZ20-J-R16, JZ20-J-R16HS, JZ20-R31, JZ20-J-R31, JZ20-T10, JZ20-J-T10, JZ20-T18, JZ20-J-T18, JZ20-J-T20HS, JZ20-T40, JZ20-J-T40, JZ20-UA24 and JZ20-J-UA24, simply click on the Unitronics Jazz above to get started.

Unitronics Samba™

The Unitronics Samba™ series are a full-function control solution designed for relatively simple automation applications. The Samba™ all-in-one Programmable Logic Controller has an integrated touchscreen, measuring either 3.5″, 4.3″, or 7″, and offers onboard I/O in six possible configurations. The Samba also offers features that allow it to compete with high-end PLCs, including a range of supported communication protocols, data logging and Trend capabilities plus a built-in alarm management system. However, with pricing more like a push-button or smart relay system plus programming software and 24/7 technical support complimentary to all users, the Unitronics Samba™ offers excellent value for money.

To buy Unitronics PLC & HMI online, including Unitronics Samba™ models: SM35-J-R20, SM43-J-R20, SM70-J-R20, SM35-J-T20, SM43-J-T20, SM70-J-T20, SM35-J-RA22, SM43-J-RA22, SM70-J-RA22, SM35-J-TA22, SM43-J-TA22 and SM70-J-TA22, simply click on the Unitronics Samba above to get started.

Unitronics Vision

The Unitronics Vision series are an award-winning range of all-in-one Programmable Logic Controllers with integrated HMI panels for advanced machines & automation projects. The Vision series offers options ranging from a palm-sized PLC up to a 12.1-inch touchscreen PLC+HMI and support for 1000 I/O points. Vision is programmed with VisiLogic, the complimentary, easy-to-use software environment for Ladder Logic, HMI design, and communication configuration which along with complementary 24/7 technical support make the Vision series one of the most powerful, easily programmable PLC+HMIs on the market.

To buy Unitronics PLC & HMI online, including the following Unitronics Vision models:

Vision350™ : V350-J-B1, V350-J-TR20, V350-J-R34, V350-J-TR34, V350-J-TR6, V350-J-RA22, V350-J-TRA22, V350-J-T2, V350-J-T38, V350-J-TA24

Vision430™ : V430-J-B1, V430-J-RH2, V430-J-R34, V430-J-TR34, V430-J-RH6, V430-J-RA22, V430-J-TRA22, V430-J-T2, V430-J-T38, V430-J-TA24

simply click on the Unitronics Vision above to get started.

Unitronics Unistream®

Unitronics Unistream® Series of All-in-One Programmable Logic Controllers are deigned for the most challenging, complex automation projects. This award-winning series is available in two variants: UniStream Modular, which enables users to create a highly customised, modular controller solution and UniStream Built-in, a highly compact programmable logic controller where the PLC, HMI, and I/Os are built into a single unit. UniStream is programmed with UniLogic, an award-winning single-environment programming software which along with complementary 24/7 technical support can reduce programming time by as much as 50%.