Elgo Electronic

Emolice is the UK and Ireland exclusive distributor of ELGO Electronic Electric Non-Contact Linear Measurement Systems and Controls, previously known as ELGO. ELGO Electronic is a German manufacturer that develops and manufactures linear position sensors for manufacturing and lift safety systems.
Products include ELGO electronic position indicators and counters, non-contact measuring systems, position controllers and lift shaft information and safety sensors.
These products are used in a range of industries, including wood, metal and stoneworking, plant automation, medical and laboratory applications, and renewable energy projects. Elgo’s specialist lift information and safety products are also installed in over 100,000 elevators worldwide.

For more information on the full range of ELGO measurement systems, download the catalogue.

The ELGO Electronic Product Range

Position Indicators and Counters 

The range of ELGO position indicators and counters allow for the measurement and display of values from up to 3 axes simultaneously. The range is available in battery-powered or mains-powered versions, and with indicators available that are compatible with incremental or absolute sensors.

The IZ14E, IZ15E, IZ16E and IZ17E are all ideal for incremental systems, while the AZ14E, AZ16E, AZ16I and AZ17E are suited for absolute systems.


  • 1-3-axis position indicator
  • Displays signs, special characters and universal symbols
  • Battery powered models feature a compact design and easy mounting
  • Mains powered models offer a vast range of sensing and connectivity options

Non-Contact Measuring Systems

ELGO incremental sensors (EMIX1, EMIX2, LMIX1, LMIX2 and LMIX3) and their absolute sensor counterparts (EMAX) are contactless, using magnetic tape to provide linear measurements for a multitude of machine applications including sheet metal guillotines, woodworking machines and press brakes.Features

  • Resolutions from 0.025mm up to 1 μm
  • Various mounting options for machine integration
  • Measuring length up to 1000m
  • Versions available for use in rough environmental conditions

Position Controllers 

ELGO offers simple compact controls as well as multi-axis controls for a wide variety of machine applications. The latest P40 and P50 controllers offer everything from basic one or two axis positioning control through to advanced multi axis CNC control with PLC integration.

Lift Shaft Information & Safety Systems 

ELGO’s lift systems, the LIMAX02, LIMAX22, LIMAX33 and LIMAX44 systems, use a contactless sensor mounted on the elevator car to detect the current car position by reading a mounted magnetic tape. As a result, the proven magnetic tape technology has considerable advantages over alternative measurement methods.

  • Direct detection of cabinet position avoids typical measurement errors
  • Dirt, moisture and even dense black smoke cannot affect measurements
  • Fully redundant sensors available to satisfy functional safety requirements

Technology Behind ELGO Electronic

ELGO Electronic linear measuring systems use non-contact magnetic technology consisting of a sensor head and magnetic tape. The ELGO magnetic tapes are coded as either incremental or absolute measuring systems and contain all the necessary digital information for precise measurement.

The magnetic tape is installed along the distance to be measured and is bonded directly onto the mounting surface. Due to its own magnetic pull the tape, can be fixed without any tools onto ferromagnetic areas such as steel beams or machine bases.

For incremental or absolute measuring systems, different types of magnetic tape are required. In addition, the magnetic tapes differ regarding their pole pitch, which together with the magnetic sensor determine the accuracy and the resolution of the measuring system.

Elgo Measuring Systems

  • Use non-contact magnetic technology.
  • Can be absolute or incremental
  • Use non-contact sensing to eliminate wear
  • Have high system accuracy and repeatability
  • Are insensitive to dust, moisture, oils and smoke
  • Have high shock and vibration resistance