LIMAX Lift Shaft Information Systems

LIMAX Lift Shaft Information Systems

The Elgo LIMAX shaft information systems use magnetic tape technology to detect the elevator car’s position in the shaft with high precision.

A sensor mounted on the elevator car detects the current absolute car position using Hall sensors, which read the magnetic tape mounted in the shaft without any contact. Using this method, the car’s position can be determined at any time with high accuracy.

Since its introduction in 2004, LIMAX shaft information systems have proven to be a worldwide success and have set a new standard in elevator technology – whether in highrise buildings with fast elevators or buildings with standard elevators. Over 150,000 elevators worldwide now use LIMAX technology to precisely reach their desired floor.

LIMAX02 M Lift Shaft Information System LIMAX02 Lift Shaft Information System LIMAX22 DUE Lift Shaft Information System
LIMAX33 RED Shaft Information and Safety System LIMAX33 CP Shaft Information and Safety System LIMAX44 RED Shaft Information and Safety System

To satisfy functional safety requirements, the LIMAX absolute car position measurement sensors – from the LIMAX33 RED series onwards – are fully redundant and thus can be used for safety-related applications up to SIL3. Therefore, safety relevant switching and control functions that depend on the position and the speed of the car can be implemented in the software.

LIMAX | LIMAX Safe Systems are available for hoisting heights of up to 1,500 metres and travel speeds of up to 18 m/s, and are suitable both for new installations of standard manufactured elevators and the modernization and retrofitting of existing elevator systems.