Emolice are the UK and Ireland exclusive distributor for POSITAL FRABA.  POSITAL are a German manufacturer that designs and markets sensors for motion control and safety assurance systems, including POSITAL FRABA Rotary Encoders, Inclinometers and Draw Wire and a large variety of accessories. These products are used in a wide range of settings, from manufacturing to mining, agriculture to energy.

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The POSITAL Product Range

Absolute Rotary Encoders

Motion control applications – ranging from factory automation to control systems for mobile machines – require precise, real-time information about the physical location of mechanical equipment. Absolute rotary encoders can provide precise and unambiguous measurements without losing track of their position due to a temporary loss of instrument power.

  • Maintain Position Information When Power is Lost
  • Wiegand Technology means No Battery Backup Necessary – Never Change Batteries
  • Compact Size – Down to 36 mm Ø
  • Stainless Steel, ATEX and SIL Encoders Available
  • High Shock and Vibration Resistance

Incremental Rotary Encoders 

Many applications require a simple, cost effective solution for accurate positioning. IXARC incremental encoders provide high resolution measurement using an incremental interface. They are available with common configurations such as A, B, Z, and inverted signals available as HTL (Push-Pull) or TTL (RS422).

  • Any PPR up to 16384 Available
  • Flexible Scaling Functionality
  • Compact Size Down to 36 mm Ø
  • Optional Stainless Steel and Heavy Duty Housings Available
  • High Shock and Vibration Resistance

Rotary Kit encoders

POSITAL‘s kit encoders offer a unique combination of accuracy, reliability and cost efficiency. Absolute measurement versions provide 17 bit electrical resolution and multiturn position measurements with a range of more than one million revolutions.

  • Electrical Resolution: Up to 17 Bit, Multiturn: Up to 32 Bit
  • Accuracy: 0.1°
  • Compact Size: 36 mm diameter, 24.2 mm Height
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +105°C
  • Auto Calibration − No Complex Equipment
  • Extensive Diagnostic Coverage
  • Various Programmable Parameters
Making your transition from incremental to absolute position sensing easy, POSITAL provides a full line of versions that are mechanical drop in replacement for common US Digital and Broadcom (Avago) incremental kit models.

  • Same Footprints as E5 and HEDS-5500 Models
  • Various Hub Diameters from 4 mm to 10 mm (and 1/4 to 3/8 inch)
  • Identical Assembly Procedure – No Training Required
  • Magnetic Technology Which Is Generally More Robust Than Optical
  • Improved Connectivity via M12 Connector Additional Available

Draw Wire Linear Encoders 

Many applications require linear motion to be monitored for system control or to ensure safety. With lengths ranging from 1 m to 15 m (3’ to 49’), LINARIX draw wire sensors are available in many configurations to meet an application’s requirements. Options include a wide variety of outputs (including analog, fieldbus and Ethernet variants), heavy duty housings and compact designs.
  • Wide Selection of Measuring Lengths 1 to 15 m (3′ to 49′)
  • Absolute Position Measurement with Resolutions up to 2 µm
  • High Linearity even with Long Cycle Times
  • Low Cost yet Rugged Construction
  • Scalable Analog Output to Fit Measuring Length


Inclinometers, also called tilt sensors are designed to measure the angle of an object with respect to the force of gravity. These tilt or level meters determine pitch and/or roll angle and output these values via the appropriate electrical interface. Inclinometers are easy to integrate to an application, because there is no need for mechanical linkages other than just the installation itself – a real advantage for design engineers. Posital developed several inclinometer types to have a suitable solution for different applications for each industry. Accurate measurement of the degree of tilt or inclination from a horizontal position is very important for many motion control systems or to ensure safety.

  • Well Protected up to IP69K
  • Rugged and Compact Design
  • Measurement Range ±80° (Dual Axis) or 360° (Single Axis)
Dynamic Inclinometers are equipped with a 3D MEMS accelerometer and a 3D MEMS gyroscope. A smart algorithm combines the signal of accelerometer and gyroscope to eliminate the effect of accelerations (e.g. due to rapid motion of the equipment), vibrations and shocks.

  • Compensation of External Accelerations
  • Clean Measurement During Dynamic Movements
  • Accuracy 0.3°
  • Interfaces: CANopen

Static Inclinometers are equipped with a 2D MEMS accelerometer as sensor cell. This type of inclinometer achieves a high accuracy in a static system or when the machine is only in a slow motion.

  • Accuracy 0.1° or 0.5°
  • Interfaces: CANopen, Analog Current, Analog Voltage, RS232, SSI, J1939, DeviceNet

Interface Options From POSITAL

The availability of multiple interface options for an industrial product always provides an additional flexibility to its scope of application.Different interfaces have different speeds and modes of operation and are designed for specific applications. Diverse communication options enhance the compatibility of the product as they offer a wide range of industrial used interfaces. Therefore, it is easier to add the encoders or inclinometers to the already available network or control interface.IXARC optical encoders have the highest number of interfaces which include Bit-parallel, CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus, Profinet IO + Ethernet/IP, Modbus, EtherCAT, Powerlink and Interbus communication.TILTIX MEMS inclinometer was initially confined to a few industrial segments but its recent advances into the factory automation sector is surely going to increase the demand for other electrical interfaces excluding the already available analog, CANopen, SSI and DeviceNet interfaces.

With increase in demand and with more users wanting to test the potential of TILTIX MEMS, interface development is imminent.In this context, the output features refer to the varied outputs configured in the device by processing of the measured position value.

The IXARC magnetic and optical encoders can give the position, speed, velocity, acceleration, alarms and warnings. Whereas the inclinometer can only give out the position value. Although it is possible to add such functions to the TILTIX MEMS it does not make sense to add time varying features like acceleration due to constraints in its dynamic performance. Flexibility of the output parameters are enhanced by the availability of boot loaders in IXARC optical encoders and TILTIX MEMS inclinometers. TILTIX MEMS can be configured using a simple RS232 interface and additionally, analogue teach-in (for Pre-set, Range and Filter length) is soon to be available for TILTIX MEMS and already available in IXARC magnetic analog encoders.

Complexity of Measurement

Complexity of measurement is a mixture of technology, processing of output and associated flexibility of measurements.IXARC optical encoders, although very complex have been perfected with experience over 50 years of development and support. As seen in the technology it requires careful handling of the optical coded discs, the photoreceptor arrays and any contamination can affect the measurement. These are the physical limitations of IXARC optical encoders whereas in terms of software it is very flexible. There are even boot loaders available which enable more flexibility. Moreover, the IXARC optical line has almost all industrial interfaces available making it compatible to almost all the systems involving angular measurement.IXARC magnetic encoders on the other hand have a very simple technology and very few mechanical parts. Hence, comparatively this requires very little maintenance and in terms of software maintenance, boot loaders with external interfaces are being developed and are soon to be released.

By far TILTIX MEMS is the least complex of measurements. It uses the MEMS technology and has an array of capacitive electrodes for highly precise measurement. The fully moulded TILTIX MEMS is fully protected from external contaminants and gives it almost an infinite lifetime. High integration of components in a small and compact packaging like TILTIX MEMS makes it easier for the users. In terms of flexibility the TILTIX MEMS is completely configurable with the help of boot loaders, RS232 interface and also analog teach-in. Another main feature is the processing of output. Inclinometer outputs are simpler to decipher because they are not coded. Generally, analog inclinometers and encoders give directly proportional outputs to every corresponding position whereas other inclinometers with field busses directly give out the position value. But in the case of encoders (except for the analog ones) a general rule is that the encoders gives out a coded position value which need to be finally deciphered through a minor calculation executed by the user in a PC or respective control systems. Hence the processing is comparatively complex in case of encoders.