DDHD Dual Axis Servo Drives

Superior servo performance and compact footprint make DDHD dual axis servo drives the ideal cost-saving solution for low and medium voltage applications. Evolved from Servotronix successful CDHD servo drive, the DDHD dual axis servo drive is designed on the same platform and utilizes the same powerful HD control algorithms. Shared components and optimized wiring reduce costs by 20% per axis as compared to systems with two independent drives.


Model Input Voltage (VAC) Input Power Main Circuit Cont. Current (A rms) Peak Current (A rms)
DDHD-1D81D8 120/240 1 Phase 1.8/1.8 6.5/6.5
DDHD-3D43D4 120/240 1 Phase 3.4/3.4 12.3/12.3
DDHD-3D46D8 120/240 1/3 Phase 6.8/3.4 18/12.3
DDHD-4D54D5 120/240 1 Phase 4.5/4.5 13.5/13.5


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Key Features

  • 20% lower cost per axis due to shared components and less wiring
  • High performance control of synchronous servo motors
  • I/O programming
  • Command type: P&D, Analog
  • Interfaces multiple feedback devices
  • Share AC input and regeneration, for energy efficiency
  • Simple commissioning using ServoStudio™ GUI
  • Exclusive 30-month warranty