IZ14E Battery Powered Incremental Position Indicator


IZ14E Battery Powered Position Indicator for incremental systems

  • Small design
  • 7-digit LCD display
  • Signs, battery status, units and °-symbol
  • Configurable display mode: mm / m / inch with fraction display
  • Adjustable counting direction
  • Adjustable decimal point and multiplication factor
  • Adjustable reference value
  • Key lock
  • Simple assembly due to snap-in housing
  • 3 adjustable tool sets / can individually be activated via parameter
  • Switch-over between incremental and absolute measuring
  • Optional 1 external input for special functions (5 … 30 V)
  • Sensor cable length up to 2 m
  • Supply via built-in battery-holder 2 x AAA or external battery case (e.g. 1 x C [1,5V) or 2 x C [3 V])
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IZ14E Battery Powered Position Indicator

IZ14E Battery Powered Position Indicator


7 counter decades with signs, battery status, units


mm, m, Inch, °

Viewing direction

12 o’clock

Supply voltage

integrated battery 2 x AAA or external 1,5 V … 3,0 V

Reverse polarity protection


Operating temperature

0 … +50 °C

Storage temperature

-10 … +60 °C


max. 95%, non-condensing

Front panel cut-out

W x H = 67-0/+0.5mm x 34-0/+0.5mm

Protection class front

IP54 (in installed condition)

Protection class back


Protection class sensor


Magnetic tape

Operation temperature

0 … +50 °C

Accuracy at 20 °C in mm

+/-(0,025+0,02 x L), L=Measurement length in Metre

Coefficient of length expansion

α=16 x 10-6 x 1/K

Additional information

Part Number

IZ14E-000-5-01.0-0, IZ14E-000-5-01.5-0, IZ14E-000-5-02.0-0, IZ14E-000-5-02.5-0, IZ14E-000-5-03.0-0