MTS Temposonics® R-Series Position Sensors: RT4

The Temposonics® R-Series features the highest performance, accuracy and reliability in magnetostrictive linear position sensors designed for advanced motion control applications.

The Temposonics® RT4 features redundant R-series detached electronics for enhanced safety applications:

  • High temperature rod (up to +100 °C)
  • Detached electronics up to 600 mm from sensor rod
  • IP68 ingress protection
  • Linear, absolute measurement
  • Non-contact sensing technology
  • Linearity deviation less than 0.02 %
  • Direct 24/25/26 bit SSI output, gray/binary formats
  • LEDs for sensor status and diagnostics



Output Stroke Length (mm) Resolution Multi-Position  PDF
SSI 25 – 2540 1 µm