UniStream® 7″

PLC with incredible HMI features and a built-in webserver. A completely modular and scalable hardware – backed by the most efficient programming software you have ever used. Execute high-end projects – on time and within budget.


Variety of I/O options including high- speed and temperature measurement

  • Auto-tune PID
  • Recipe programs and data logging via Data Tables & sampling
  • Micro SD card – log, backup, clone & more
  • Trends
  • Media files: Video, Audio and PDF viewer
  • UDFBs and Structs



Highly professional touchscreen

  • Multi Language
  • Built-in image library
  • UniApps



Ethernet IP

  • Web server
  • Send e-mail function
  • SMS messaging
  • GPRS/GSM enabled
  • Ethernet via TCP/IP
  • Remote Access via VNC
  • MODBUS configurator
  • Message composer
  • CANopen, UniCAN, and more
  • BACnet and M-Bus via gateway
  • NEW – supports Ethernet IP
  • Ports: Ethernet, CANbus, USB host & device Audio, Communication models RS232/RS485



I/O options include digital, analog, high-speed, temperature & weight measurement. See table below:

  • Uni-I/O™ Modules


UniStream® 7″
I/O Options
Number of I/Os per CPU (onboard, local and remote) Up to 2,048
Onboard Uni-I/O™ or Uni-COM™ Modules (all-in-one configuration) Add up to 3 slim or 2 wide modules 1
Local Uni-I/O™ Modules Use Local Expansion Adapters to add up to 80 slim modules or 50 wide modules 1
Remote I/O Expansion Use EX-RC1 adapters to further extend the number of I/Os 4
Bit Operation 0.13 µs
Ladder Memory 1 MB
External Memory microSD and USB Flash drive (up to 32GB)
Video Show MPEG-4 videos on the HMI screen
Audio Play MP3 audio files using internal speaker or use the audio-out jack for external speakers
Power Supply 12/24VDC
Backup Battery CR2032, Back-up RTC values, system data and retained tags
Ports 2 Ethernet • 1 RS485 • 1 CANbus •2 USB host ports • 1 USB device port for programming
Protocols MODBUS, EtherNet/ IPTM, CANopen, SNMP, FTP, BACnet2, RTSP, VNC, UniCAN, GSM (SMS, GPRS), KNX, Message Composer for 3rd party protocols
HMI Panel
Type TFT, LCD, Touch HMI Panel
Size 7” (16:9)
Resolution 800×480 (WVGA)
Viewing Area
Height x Width (mm)
USP-070-B08: 152.4 x 91.44
USP-070-B10: 154.08 x 85.92
Colors 65,536 (16bit)
Display Backlight Illumination White LED
Protection IP66, IP65, NEMA4X when panel-mounted 3
Operating Temperature -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
  1. 1 wide I/O modules width = 1.5 slim I/O modules width – see table “Digital Uni-I/O™ Modules”
  2. Using a gateway model: GW-BAC1
  3. UniStream™ complies with IP66 and NEMA4X only with the audio seal installed, please refer to the installation guide of the HMI panel for information.
  4. EX-RC1: via CANbus integrate standard Unitronics’ I/O modules at distances of up to 1000m.