Advanced PLC with an integrated graphic touch panel. Snap in I/O modules to create an All-in-One unit; expands up to 316 I/Os.


  • I/O options include high-speed, temperature and weight measurement
  • Auto-tune PID, up to 12 independent loops
  • Recipe programs and data logging via Data Tables
  • Date & time-based control




  • Up to 255 user-designed screens
  • Hundreds of images per application
  • HMI graphs & trends
  • 27 user labeled keys
  • Memory and communication  monitoring  via HMI – No PC needed


  • SMS messaging
  • Remote Access utilities
  • MODBUS protocol support
  • BACnet, M-bus – via 3rd-party converter
  • CANbus: CANopen, UniCAN  (in C models only).
  • FB Protocol Utility: enables serial or TCP/IP communications with 3rd-party device; barcode readers, frequency converters, etc
  • 2 RS232/RS485 built-in ports




I/O options include digital, analog, high-speed, temperature & weight measurement. See tables below:

  • Vision120™ models – Onboard I/Os
  • I/O Expansion Modules


I/O Options
Snap-in I/O Modules Plug these modules directly into the back of the Vision unit to create a self-contained PLC with up to 62 I/Os. Inputs may include Digital, Analog and Temperature Measurement. Outputs may include Transistor, Relay or Analog (sold separately)
I/O Expansion Local or remote I/Os may be added via expansion port or via CANbus. Expand up to 316 I/Os
Application Memory 1MB
Scan Time 30µsec per 1K of typical application
Memory Operands 4096 coils, 2048 registers, 256 long integers (32 bit), 64 double words (32 bit unsigned), 24 memory floats, 192 timers, 24 counters
Data Tables 120K dynamic RAM data (recipe parameters, datalogs, etc.), up to 192K fixed data
Operator Panel
Type Graphic Black & White FSTN LCD
Display Resolution & Size 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA), 4.7” active area
Touchscreen Resistive, Analog
Number of Keys 27 user labelled keys
Power Supply 12/24VDC
Battery Back-up 7 years typical at 25°C, back-up for all memory sections and real-time clock (RTC)
Environment IP65/NEMA4X (for panel, when mounted)
Standard CE, UL  Many of our products are also  UL Class 1 Div 2 and  GOST certified  –  please contact Emolice