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MTS Temposonics®: Sensors for Wood Processing Machines

The wood processing industry is a great example of an industry that requires a wide range of machinery that must operate under harsh conditions while providing accurate performance. A tried and tested solutioon for this industry is MTS Temposonics®: Rugged Sensors for Wood Processing Machinery

Downtime and lost productivity are expensive, and linear position sensors are critical components in maintaining an efficient operation. The sensors that help determine position and provide motion feedback for the machines critical to the operation must offer robustness, reliability and flexibility as well as easy troubleshooting and replacement to effectively meet production requirements. New machine designs put increasing demands on position sensors as the loads and speeds increase with productivity, whilst machine owners look to extend the life of older machines by retrofitting more robust and reliable linear position sensors.

MTS Temposonics® linear-position sensors offer an excellent solution for high reliability under harsh environmental conditions. The High Vibration Resistance option (HVR) increases the vibration tolerance from 15g to 30g (10-2000 Hz). Additionally, excellent immunity to contamination and electromagnetic interference ensures smooth sensor operation without control errors and maintenance expenses from downtime. Utilising a modular design allows the sensor cartridge, (consisting of the electronics head and sensing rod), to be removed from it’s outer protective pressure pipe assembly. This method allows easy exchange of the sensor cartridge while the pressure seal is maintained, avoid possible oil spillage and contamination. The Temposonics® range of industrial sensors are available from Emolice now.

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